Autor: Jim Sweet

ISBN: 9781565237483

Sprache: Englisch

Seiten: 64

Soft Cover

Get creative with your scroll saw and dive into the world of woodimals. Woodimals are fun and creative puzzles made in the shapes of countless animals from around the world. Each puzzle incorporates the name of its animal into its design, resulting in a piece that is both engaging and entertaining.

Woodimals make perfect gifts and are excellent projects to create for young children just learning how to read. Turn your workshop into a classroom for your children or grandchildren and present them with an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Woodimals come in all shapes, including American classics like the buffalo, creatures from the sea like dolphins, and exotic animals like the camel. They are perfect for beginner scrollers seeking to build their skills or for more advanced scrollers looking for project and gift ideas.

This book contains 56 different Woodimals patterns.

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