• Cut internal and external threads in wood up to a maximum length of 60 mm.
  • Spindle has an M33x3,5 thread and accepts all types of woodturning chucks.
  • The workpiece is advanced by turning the threaded leadscrew. Optionally, the leadscrew and nut are interchangeable for alternative pitches (1,5/1,75/2,5 en 3,5 mm).
  • Any electric router or drill having a Ø43mm Euro-collar can be mounted on the robust, precision-machined cross-slide.
  • The cross-slide enables the setting of length and diameter, so that any internal or external thread can be cut.
  • When cutting external threads, the router is positioned on the outside of the workpiece, whilst for internal threads the cutter is positioned within a hole bored axially into the workpiece.
  • During the cutting process the router is held stationary whilst the workpiece is advanced past the cutter, thus forming the thread.
  • Supplied complete with a three-flute TCT cutter (60º, Z3) with an 8mm shank.
  • Chuck and router are available as an option.



Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
GSG201 TC-Cutter with 8 mm shank € 47.98 21% € 58.06 Add to basket.
GSG203 Cutter VB12, 60° € 53.48 21% € 64.71 Add to basket.
GSG2011 TC-Cutter (Z3, 60°) € 33.95 21% € 41.08 Add to basket.
GSG2150 Pitch 1.5 mm for DB1430/TCM70/150 € 41.64 21% € 50.38 Add to basket.
GSG2175 Pitch 1.75 mm for DB1430/TCM70/150 € 41.64 21% € 50.38 Add to basket.




Professional model. Comprising of: metal base plate, compound table Proxxon KT150, support with spindle for chuck and support for router (chuck and router not included)

Technical data:
Maximal thread length: 60 mm
Min. internal workpiece diameter: 20 mm
Screw pitch: 2 mm
Spindle nose thread: M33 x 3,5 mm