The cylindrical shaft (custom drill bits)

The absolute minimum: 0 % of its contour consists of surfaces designed for firmer chucking. So optimum transmission of the torque is not possible.

The result:
The shaft tends to slip in the chuck, where the diameter of the shaft is smaller than the diameter of the working part of the tool (especially in the case of tools such as roughing drills, step drills or countersinks).


ROTASTOP® – Strength from the contour

The contour of the ROTASTOP® tool bit ensures improved transmission of the torque; ROTASTOP® practically chucks itself automatically, by means of the rising contours.

The result:
No slipping in the chuck, and precise results.

ROTASTOP® allows easy tool changing and longer service lives for the tools.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
TLC-MC0025 Maxi Cut ROTASTOP HSS Forstner Bit D25mm A € 28.58 21% € 34.58 Add to basket.
TLC-MC0030 Maxi Cut ROTASTOP HSS Forstner Bit D30mm A € 34.14 21% € 41.31 Add to basket.
TLC-MC0032 Maxi Cut ROTASTOP HSS Forstner Bit D32mm A € 35.20 21% € 42.59 Add to basket.
TLC-MC0035 Maxi Cut ROTASTOP HSS Forstner Bit D35mm A € 36.41 21% € 44.06 Add to basket.
TLC-MC0040 Maxi Cut ROTASTOP HSS Forstner Bit D40mm A € 42.34 21% € 51.23 Add to basket.
TLC-MC0200 ROTASTOP Extension MT2, S10mm
This article is currently not available.
A € 41.18 21% € 49.83 Add to basket.
TLC-MC1009 ROTASTOP Extension 90 mm, S10mm A € 19.65 21% € 23.78 Add to basket.
TLC-MC1015 ROTASTOP Extension 150 mm, S10mm A € 23.01 21% € 27.84 Add to basket.
TLC-MC1027 ROTASTOP Extension 270 mm, S10mm A € 28.89 21% € 34.96 Add to basket.