Quite a few woodworkers like to mark their work with a logo, name or their initials.  Sometimes a single point pyrography machine is used to do so.  But this requires a very steady hand and it is extremely difficult and quite a tedium to burn exact copies of your name/logo over and over again.

Primo stemp now offers a very simple and low cost solution: a personalised branding iron stamp.  

Four different models are available: 

  • BSG18: for a motif size of max. 18 mm diam. Capacity: 30W
  • BSG28: for a motif size of max. 28 mm diam. Capacity: 100W
  • BSG38: for a motif size of max. 38 mm diam. Capacity: 100W
  • BSG48: for a motif size of max. 48 mm diam. Capacity: 150W

Branding depth: 3 mm

Would you also like to mark your work with a logo or your initials?  Just send us a copy of the required motif and we will send you a preliminary draft asap.




Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
BSG18 Burning stamp 30 W (max 18 mm) C € 100.25 21% € 121.30 Add to basket.
BSG18-VERVPL Replacement plate for BSG-18 € 51.41 21% € 62.21 Add to basket.
SM250 Writing and drawing points for B30 C € 5.40 21% € 6.53 Add to basket.
ST252 Forms with pattern for B30 C € 6.88 21% € 8.32 Add to basket.


Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
BSG28 Burning stamp 100 W (max 28 mm) C € 143.94 21% € 174.17 Add to basket.
BSG28-VERVPL Replacement plate for BSG-28 € 77.11 21% € 93.30 Add to basket.



Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
BSG38 Burning stamp 100W (max 38 mm) C € 169.65 21% € 205.28 Add to basket.
BSG38-VERVPL Replacement plate for BSG-38 € 82.25 21% € 99.52 Add to basket.



Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
BSG48 Burning stamp 150W (max 48 mm) C € 200.49 21% € 242.59 Add to basket.
BSG48-VERVPL Replacement plate for BSG-48 € 102.82 21% € 124.41 Add to basket.