If you need to turn a piece longer than the maximum length that fits between centers of the lathe, a bed extension is the solution. All Wivamac lathes can be upgraded with 3 types of bed extensions (Small, Medium and Full). The small extension with a total length of 500 mm is used without the need of an extra stand. The medium extension (700 mm) is equipped with a small stand and the Full extensions (in fact an extra lathe bed) are supported with an A-frame stand.

More information can be found in the PDF file below.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
DB1200-EXT-F-C Extra DB1200 bed / 1850 mm bed extension incl st. € 1307.51 21% € 1582.09 Add to basket.
DB6000-EXT-F-C Extra DB6000 bed / 1250 mm bed extension incl st. € 1090.65 21% € 1319.69 Add to basket.
DB800-EXT-M-C Bed extension DB800/1000, 700 mm, complete € 574.02 21% € 694.56 Add to basket.
DB800-EXT-S-C Bed extension DB800/1000, 500 mm, complete € 369.92 21% € 447.60 Add to basket.