Industrial carver

The Industrial blade is designed for the ultimate in smooth cutting and exceptional control. It conforms to strict European BG standards, which offers no kickback, and the highest degree of safety amongst comparable blades.

Precision machined from hardened tool steel, the Industrial cuts wood with a super smooth, controllable action. Specifically developed by Arbortech for cutting timber and other tough sheet materials, the Industrial Woodcarver is fitted with three Super Sharp tungsten carbide teeth which are diamond hollow ground and polished on every surface.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
IND012 Pack of 3 teethand screws for IND100 C € 32.77 21% € 39.65 Add to basket.
IND030 Pack of 3 screws for IND100 C € 26.73 21% € 32.34 Add to basket.
IND040 Replacementkey for IND100 C € 33.21 21% € 40.18 Add to basket.
IND100 Arbortech Industrial Carver 100 mm C € 91.60 21% € 110.84 Add to basket.
IND200 Arbortech Industrial Pro-Kit 100 mm C € 108.40 21% € 131.16 Add to basket.
PGU100 Arbortech Pro-Guard C € 25.00 21% € 30.25 Add to basket.