The Mini-Grinder has been designed to compliment the Arbortech 100mm (4") range of woodworking blades. It has been a breakthrough for many users around the world, allowing the use of one tool to perform a multiple of varied tasks.

The Mini-Grinder utilises small 50mm (2") accessories, which when fitted to the Mini-Grinder allow incredible access and control to confined, hard to reach places. The Mini-Grinder extension arm is produced from glass reinforced plastic for strength and durability, and attaches to most 100mm -115mm (4" - 4 1/2") angle grinders if purchased as an attachment (MIN200). While this is the case, it is recommended that the user check the information on the back of the packaging to see if there grinder is suitable

It has a 710W motor.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
MIN001 Replacement blades for Mini Grinder C € 15.88 21% € 19.21 Add to basket.
MIN002 Sharpening file for Mini Grinder C € 14.19 21% € 17.17 Add to basket.
MIN003 Pulley Belt for Mini Grinder C € 16.72 21% € 20.23 Add to basket.
MIN006 Mini-Sanders for Mini Grinder (K40,60,80,120) C € 10.84 21% € 13.12 Add to basket.
MIN010 Mini-Sanders for Mini Grinder (4 x K80) C € 10.84 21% € 13.12 Add to basket.
MIN011 Mini-Sanders for Mini Grinder (4 x K120) C € 10.84 21% € 13.12 Add to basket.
MIN012 Tungsten blade for Mini Grinder C € 24.37 21% € 29.49 Add to basket.
MIN016 Diamond Tungsten blade for Mini Grinder C € 16.27 21% € 19.69 Add to basket.
MIN360 Arbortech Mini Grinder + motor 710W  Minus
Recupel contribution not included (only applicable in Belgium)
C € 175.63 21% € 212.51 Add to basket.