Designed to meet strict European BG safety standards the Pro-4 Woodcarver will remove wood with speed, safety and control. It has no kick-back and is one of the safest woodworking blades available in the world.

The Pro-4 is hardened to 62 Rockwell, which makes it slightly harder than the cutting edge of a standard chainsaw chain. This means the Pro-4 will hold its cutting edge longer, while being just as easy to sharpen - simlpy use a standard 6mm/1/4" circular file to maintain the cutting action of the blade.

We recommend that first time customers purchase the Pro-kit (WCB500) as it includes the Pro-Guard which is important for complete safety.


  • Suitable for both soft and Hardwoods.
  • Case hardened to 62 Rockwell.
  • Easily maintained, simply use a 6mm/1/4" circular file to sharpen.
  • Fast and smooth cutting action (3.6 million cuts per hour).

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
ASH1 Sharpening file for WCB400 C € 8.12 21% € 9.83 Add to basket.
WCB040 Power Sharpener for Pro-4 C € 7.03 21% € 8.51 Add to basket.
WCB400 Arbortech Pro-4, 100 mm
This article is currently not available.
C € 36.73 21% € 44.44 Add to basket.
WCB500 Arbortech Pro-4 Kit, 100 mm
This article is currently not available.
C € 48.70 21% € 58.93 Add to basket.