Shellawax is a "foolproof", one-layer finishing product that has been especially designed for use on lathes. It is (to our knowledge) the fastest and easiest to use product available today that gives an instant beautifull shine to wooden products. It is use with the lathe turned on and as a result of the developed heat becomes one with the wood. It dries instantly so that the workpiece can also instantly be handled and the problem of dustparticles settling in the fresh finish does simply not exist. After the full curing period of approximately 3 weeks Shellawax can also handle small amounts of water, alcohol etc. Because Shellawax deeply penetrates the wood and becomes one with it it is not a finish that sits on top of the wood but a lasting finish ín the wood. For this reason a Shellawax finish is also a lot more durable and harder to damage than a traditional finish like polyurethane lacquer.

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