More than simply a top quality oil...

One of the characteristics of real wood oils (e.g. tung oil) is that they are naturally thick, making them difficult to apply. Therefore tung oil is often sold already thinned, or it is recommended to thin the oil before application.

By boiling down wood oils correctly with a blend of other high quality natural oils, a top quality oil is made without thinners, but that is still thin enough for easy application. This improved wood oil is very suitable for external use, protecting the wood against water and UV radiation, while penetrating deep into the wood providing protection against greying and drying out. The lead and cobalt free mix of drying agents that have been selected, means that this wood oil dries evenly on the surface without the formation of ripples

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VHO500 Enhanced Wood(Tung) Oil 500 ml E € 12.36 21% € 14.96 Add to basket.
VHO1000 Enhanced Wood(tung) Oil 1000 ml E € 20.62 21% € 24.95 Add to basket.