EXCALIBUR Scroll Saws offer many valuable benefits:

  • The head can be tilted by 38° to left and 45° to right, meaning the blade tilts rather than the tabie, for: BETTER CONTROLE of the work piece, HIGHER PRECISION and MAXIMUM COMFORT and convenience.
  • The upper arm lifts to allow easy and rapid blade changes: a real advantage for work involving lots of interior cuts.
  • The manual blade-clamping system does not require the use of a tooi and allows the user to change blades very quickly. Meanwhile the tensioning system allows the same tension to be applied to the blade whenever it is changed.
  • The start/stop switch and the speed regulator, positioned on the front of the upper arm, are very easy to access.
  • The blower system allows you to work in the best possible conditions.

EXCALIBUR Scroll Saws are high-precision tools which in normal use and provided they receive a minimum amount of maintenance, will provide reliable service and great satisfaction for many years.


Blade tilt range: 38°L to 45 °R
Throat: 406 mm
Max. Cutting depth: 51 mm
Speed: 400 tot 1400 RPM
Format table: 305 x 470 mm
Motor: 330W, 220-240V, 1,5A
Totale length: 686 mm
Totale width: 380 mm
Heigth: 432 mm
Weight: 24,5 kg