This sphere cutting jig developed by Heinz Risse, who had been our regular demonstrator for years during the demonstration weekend, has important advantages over the conventional systems. The cutting element is in fact a kind of gouge that is placed under a certain angle in the chisel support. The main advantage of this is that the wood fibres are better cut and that almost the entire surface of the work piece can be reached.  The maximum diameter of the balls is 250 mm.

On the rear side of the chisel holder, there is a bore hole. In this bore hole, a conventional socket chisel fits, which is perfectly suitable for preparing (roughing) of work pieces, among others.

The "Heinz Risse sphere cutting jig " is provided with a gouge shaped blade.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
DB/ZX1243 Support + round cutter € 46.68 21% € 56.48 Add to basket.
DB/ZX1244 Round cutter € 34.46 21% € 41.70 Add to basket.
DB/ZX1246 Standard cutter for DB1240HR € 22.76 21% € 27.54 Add to basket.
DB/ZX1247 Cutter mini spheres € 13.96 21% € 16.89 Add to basket.
DB/ZX1240HR Sphere turning jig € 404.30 21% € 489.20 Add to basket.
DB/ZX1242N Support + Cutter mini spheres € 57.09 21% € 69.08 Add to basket.
STH1240 Hunter cutter for DB1240HR € 72.16 21% € 87.31 Add to basket.