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The Robert Sorby Fingernail Profiler is a simple system which enables the sharpening of bowl and spindle gouges from ¼" to ¾". When sharpening free-hand most turners including some of the most experienced have their difficulties. This leads to facets on the bevel which in turn leads to chatter and a poor surface finish. Once set, this Profiler ensures an even pressure is applied and hence a clean, facet-less bevel is produced. The amount that the blade extends from the Profiler is critical as this determines the shape of the bevel and its angle. By going back to the same length of extension the same profile is achieved automatically thereby eliminating the burning away of expensive high speed steel. All guess-work is eliminated. Thus the Fingernail Profiler not only gives a consistent shape but saves on the need for replacement tools.

The Universal Sharpening System allows the woodworker to sharpen a host of regular shaped tools - like parting tools, scrapers, tips, plane irons, bench chisels. It construction means that its is adjustable for height so it may be used in conjunction with 6" or 8" bench grinders with equal ease. The platform is also adjustable for angle - a handy Angle Finder is included. A nice touch is that the adjusting nuts are all captive so they are not lost in shavings. This robust, all-steel design is an ideal sharpening aid.

The Deluxe Universal Sharpening System is a combination of the Fingernail Profiler and Universal Sharpening System and is a tremendous accessory in every workshop. Its versatility and ease of use have meant that thousands of these systems have been sold to woodworkers who have found sharpening to be one of their main problem areas.

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447JAT Jig adaptor table A € 23.61 21% € 28.57 Add to basket.
PESKEW Pro-Edge skew jig A € 17.12 21% € 20.72 Add to basket.
PESQ Pro-Edge chisel jig A € 17.12 21% € 20.72 Add to basket.
PEVB Pro-Edge gouge jig A € 29.56 21% € 35.77 Add to basket.
RS445 Fingernail profiler A € 92.70 21% € 112.17 Add to basket.
RS446 Universal Sharpening System A € 78.02 21% € 94.40 Add to basket.
RS447 Deluxe Universal Sharpening System A € 139.67 21% € 169.00 Add to basket.