Wolverine grinding system


Our Grinding Jig will speed up your grinding, give you sharper tools, and prolong the life of both tools and wheels.

The Grinding Jig comes with two bases - grinders come with two wheels, so we include two bases. By mounting one under each wheel, grinding operations can be rapidly performed on either side of your grinder without having to re-position bases. Bases are equipped with cam-lock clamping that makes the removal and installation of all attachments possible in 10 seconds or less. The cam forces all attachments rigidly into the base which eliminates all play.

This Grinding Jig also comes equipped with an adjustable angle sturdy platform that has a 3 x 5 inch working area. This platform can be used on both the left and right hand sides of the grinder. An adjustable speed handle makes adjustments quick and easy and ensures that the handle is never in the way.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
OW2291 Wolverine Grinding System C € 74.96 21% € 90.70 Add to basket.

Dressing Jig


ONEWAY's Dressing system is the only dresser on the market that allows controlled removal of this minute amount of material. Because the Dressing Jig removes such small amounts, your grinding wheels will last much longer. Expensive wheels become a better investment.

After dressing with the Dressing Jig your wheels will be round, clean, and sharp. They will cut faster, cooler and finer. You will get a better finish on tools than anything you have ever experienced. Your tools will have sharper edges, smoother bevels, and all this will be done with less burning.

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OW2292 Wolverine Dressing Jig C € 56.85 21% € 68.79 Add to basket.
OW2295 Diamond point for OW2292 C € 18.92 21% € 22.89 Add to basket.

Skew Jig


The Skew Jig was designed specifically for grinding Skews. It is quick and easy to use, and will give you an amazingly flat bevel.

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OW2690 Skew Grinding jig C € 24.96 21% € 30.20 Add to basket.

Vari-Grind for Fingernail gouges



The Wolverine Vari-Grind will properly shape and maintain the edge on standard bowl gouges, the modern side grind (also known as the Ellsworth grind, Liam O'Neil, or Irish grind), and the traditional fingernail shape for spindle work detailing. ONEWAY has spent considerable time and effort to develop a system which will consistently produce sharp, repeatable geometries on turning tools for the wood turner.

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OW2480 Wolverine Vari-Grind 13 mm C € 44.78 21% € 54.18 Add to basket.
OW3074 Wolverine Vari-Grind 28 mm C € 44.78 21% € 54.18 Add to basket.
OW3900 Wolverine Vari-Grind2 C € 64.08 21% € 77.54 Add to basket.