Bct versatool detail

Bct universal supercut detail

The well known hollowing chisels from England recently underwent a complete restyling. One of the main advantages of this is the possibility of assembling different cutting heads on a universal chisel holder.  Every available cutting head has its own specific feature as a result of which you can put together the most suitable configuration for yourself.

The basic model we offer is the “HOLLOMATE” (BCT1001). The cutting edge of this tool consists of a HSS ring cutter with a chip limiter. You can adjust the cutting depth by moving the ring cutter opposite the chip limiter. This unit is mounted on a square cutting tool holder which, together with a support beam, ensures perfect stability. All this makes the HOLLOMATE an excellent alternative to standard fast rotating cutting tools.

In addition to this basic set it is possible to purchase 2 optional cutting heads to be mounted on the toolrest bracket: the "SUPERCUT" and the "VERSA TOOL" cutting heads. 

The "SUPERCUT" cutting head (BCT3306) has a round cutting blade and is ideal for safe hollowing out of shallow dishes.

The "VERSA TOOL" cutting head (BCT2102) consists of a cobalt HSS scarper blade for rather finer, more delicate hollowing out work.

Code Description Price VAT excl. Price VAT incl.  
BCT0102 Cutter for HolloMate C € 28.93 21% € 35.01 Add to basket.
BCT0202 8 mm Pick Cutter for Versatool 2 C € 19.54 21% € 23.64 Add to basket.
BCT0203 10 mm Pick Cutter for Versatool 2 C € 30.38 21% € 36.76 Add to basket.
BCT1001 BCT Hollowmate C € 108.50 21% € 131.29 Add to basket.
BCT2102 BCT Versatool conversion kit C € 41.23 21% € 49.89 Add to basket.
BCT3025 Conversion kit: Versatool 2 to Supercut 2 10 mm C € 32.54 21% € 39.37 Add to basket.
BCT3101 Conversion kit: Supercut 2 to HolloMate C € 57.87 21% € 70.02 Add to basket.
BCT3302 Conversion kit: HolloMate to Supercut 2 13 mm C € 55.70 21% € 67.40 Add to basket.
BCTTIP38 BCT JUNIOR CUTTER 10 mm C € 12.79 21% € 15.48 Add to basket.