Only a few more lathes left due to the launch of the new model Zebrano after the summer 2016.


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These superb bench-mounted lathes are designed to be accommodated in the smaller workshop.  They feature  820 mm between centres, 520 mm over bed and a built-in frequency inverter in the headstock. 

The DB801 features a high performance electronic continuously variable speed drive system, the "Vario".  This provides a reversible variable speed drive delivering its power through a two speed poly-vee-belt drive system.  A  wide speed range (from 180 to 2400 rev/min) accommodates any task you care to place on the lathe.

The brand new DB802 features the same built in electronic variable speed drive system, but power is delivered through a 3-speed poly-vee belt drive.  As space is limited in the headstock, there is no dividing facility.

Both the DB801Vario and the DB802Vario are ideal for budget-conscious turners with ambitions, who understand that for optimum performance quality cannot be compromised.

The new cast-iron banjo with two-position facility for the adjustable toolpost socket allows you to place the toolrest in close proximity to the workpiece under all circustances (which is very useful when using the bowl-turning attachment).

The headstock can be positioned in any position along the length of the bed and the lathes share most of the vast range of accessories available to extend the capability of these lathes beyond most imaginations. 

These lathes can optionally be mounted on the "A-frame" stand (as supplied as standard on the DB1000).

The DB801Vario & DB802Vario have M33 x 3.5 mm threaded spindle as standard, bored 2 MT, tailstock bored 2 MT, and are supplied complete with 4-prong drive centre; live tail centre, 8 mm dia. knock-out bar; 300 mm cast iron toolrest; indexing and locking pin, toolkit and operation manual. 

Check out the test review report that appeared in Woodturning magazine June 2005 by clicking on the link below.


Capacity (between centres)

820 mm 

Centerheight (over bed)

260 mm

- diameter:
- morse taper:
- throat bore:
- thread:

30 mm
2 MT
10 mm
M33 x 3,5mm, DIN 800


- diameter:

- morse taper:

- throat bore:

- quill travel


30 mm

2 MT

14 mm

95 mm


 220V, 750 W


 180-2400 rpm (DB801) / 120-2800 rpm (DB802)  


 100 kg

Total length:

 1600 mm