One of the latest additions to our range is the superb DB6000 lathe.  This lathe was designed for those looking for a powerful, yet compact lathe.  It is in fact a smaller version of the DB1200, offering up to 600 mm between centres and 260 mm centre height over the bed.  The bed length of 1200 mm (instead of 1850 mm for the DB1200) makes it particularly suited for bowl turning.

The choice of drive systems provides either a three-phase motor driving through a five-speed pulley system (DB6000D) or, for optimum performance and flexibility, this same five-speed system driven by the excellent Vario electronic variable speed system (DB6000V) giving infinitely variable speed over the complete speed range.   A 3HP motor is also available as an option on the DB6000D-3 and DB6000V-3 lathes.  The Vario version is supplied with a Vario Control Box (DB6000V-CB, DB6000V-3-CB).

The headstock is tapered towards the spindle resulting in easier access to the workpiece.  Bottom and front sides of the headstock are precision machined.  The lathe headstock is fully free to swivel and traverse the lathe bed for optimum positioning to suit any job.

The bedways consist of 2 flat precision steel bars, 15 mm thick.  After welding, the top surface of the bed is precisely machined to eliminate any possible problems of deformation and residual stresses of the bedway material, which can be caused by the heat of welding.

The new cast-iron banjo with two-position facility for the adjustable toolpost socket allows you to place the toolrest in close proximity to the workpiece under all circumstances (which is very useful when using the bowl-turning attachment).

It features a heavy-duty, cast iron tailstock.

The substantial A-frame stand increases the stability of the lathe.  Each stand has 2 adjustable feet.  The height of the stand is adjustable up to 5 cm.

The DB6000 comes with M33 x 3.5 mm threaded spindle as standard with 24 position indexing, bored 2 MT, cast iron heavy-duty tailstock bored 2 MT, and is supplied complete with 4-prong drive centre; live tail centre, spindle thread protector; 300 mm cast iron toolrest mounted in variable offset banjo; spindle locking pin, toolkit and English Users Manual. 


Capacity (between centres)

600 mm 

Centerheight (over bed)

260 mm

- diameter:
- morse taper:
- Throat bore:
- thread:

40 mm
2 MT
10 mm
M33 x 3,5mm, DIN 800


- diameter:

- morse taper:

- throat bore:

- quill travel


40 mm

2 MT

8 mm

110 mm


220/380V Tri, 1500 W or 2250 W


300, 750, 1200, 1960, 3000 rpm (DB6000D)
90-3000 rpm (DB6000 Vario)


+/-  200 kg

Total length:

1500 mm