The bowl turning attachment consists of an auxiliary bed of 700 mm long (useful length 500 mm).  This accessory makes access to large bowls and hollow forms very easy without having to crane over the bed or work with the banjo extended over the front of the bed.   It is floor-supported, not cantilevered out from the side of the lathe bed or stand.  At the top end it bolts rigidly to the main lathe bed, effectively becoming structurally integral with the bed.  The front support leg for the attachment has its own leveling adjustment, ensuring stability.  Once the attachment is fitted, the toolrest bracket (banjo) is removed from the main bed and fitted onto the auxiliary bed, where it can be used with any of the wide range of standard toolrests to give optimum access across the full face to be turned.  The Bowl Turning Attachment is supplied as standard with an adjustable front support leg, an extender to bring the toolrest to the required height and a complete set of mounting hardware, enabling it to be semi-permanently mounted on the lathe bed, under which it can conveniently be pushed when not in use.