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Price request via shopping basket

The shopping basket system is a very efficient system and allows you to request a detailed quotation without any obligations. The emphasis here is indeed "without any obligations". You are not obliged to buy anything. You select the items that you like by clicking on the shopping basket. You then click "Request Price". You will receive a detailed price offer, including specifications of transport costs and delivery time.

Ordering via shopping basket

If you wish to place an order, please do so by using the shopping baskets of our online shop. You simply need to add the items to the shopping basket by clicking the basket which appears next to the price. To amend the quantity of an item ordered, click in the quantity box on the "+" or "-" until you reach the quantity you require. To delete an item, simply click "-" in the quantity box until the item disappears from the order.

When you click the box "Request order acknowledgment" on the following (address details) page, we will send you a confirmation of your order by email as quickly as possible. This will allow you to verify your order again, change it or even cancel it. The goods will not be dispatched until we have received your final go-ahead.

If the payment method "Visa/Mastercard" is selected, you will always receive an order acknowledgment prior to us shipping the goods, as it is the link of the order acknowledgment which will allow you to be transferred to the secured site of Worldline to enter your credit card details (see further on payment methods).


All prices on this site are stated in Euro, VAT included. We reserve the right to change a price at any given time without prior notice.

The recupel contribution (an environmental contribution on electric appliances) is not included in the prices listed in the online shop. (The recupel contribution will not be charged if the appliances are exported.) The recupel contributions are as follows:

  • on small / household appliances: 0,35 EURO VAT incl
  • on large / professional appliances: 4,01 EURO VAT incl
  • on lighting equipment : 0,05 EURO VAT incl
  • on airfilters: 0,05 EURO VAT incl
  • on moistures testers ans digital calipers: 0,35 EURO VAT incl

To find out to which group a particular product belongs, please send us a price request.


All items are subject to a VAT rate of 21%, with the exception of books (6%). The prices listed in our online shop are VAT included.

No VAT will be charged to non-Belgian customers living in the European Union who can present a valid VAT number. Customers who live outside the European Union are exempt from paying Belgian VAT (In this case, VAT and import taxes must be paid in the country of destination).


The photos on this site are not binding. All products are subject to change forwarded by the manufacturer without prior notice and in any such case we will not be liable.


The transport expenses are liable to the customer and depend on the weight of the object and delivery address.

(*)Delivery will be FOC under the following terms:

  • Belgium: net purchase amount > 200 Euro, weight < 30 kg
  • Netherlands & Luxemburg: net purchase amount > 250 Euro, weight < 30kg
  • Germany: net purchase amount > 250 Euro, weight < 15 kg
  • France: net purchase amount > 250 Euro, weight < 5 kg

Orders can by no means be split up to meet the min. weight limit for free shipping.

Please note: the freight charges listed above will not be added to the order automatically when placing the order online.

Delivery period

We have most of our items in stock. In certain cases there can be a slight delay with delivery (because we do not have the item in stock, or because of the customer's particular wishes). We will at no time be liable for these delays and no compensation for damages can be demanded.

Delivery terms

When goods are transported, the risk will pass to the customer. We can provide an additional insurance to insure the goods for loss or damage. The customer will carry out the additional costs of this insurance. If, upon receipt of the goods, you detect that the package was opened or damaged, you must make a note on the courier's delivery receipt and contact us immediately.

Payment methods

We accept payment by creditcard or by bank transfer. Due to the high bank charges we are unable to accept cheques.

If payment by creditcard is selected, you will, upon receipt of your order acknowledgment, be transferred to the Worldline secured transaction server where you can enter your own credit card details. We would like to emphasize that you won't be asked to enter your credit card details when placing the order. This will only be done after you have received the order acknowledgment from us. You simply need to follow the link indicated in our confirmation mail to make your payment. Paying through the Worldline secured server assures you of security and confidentiality. We do not see your credit card information using this method, simply a notification that the amount has been debited.

Property rights

The goods remain the property of Willy Vanhoutte BVBA, until such a time as the invoice has been settled in its entirety. Legal and judicial expense will be charged to the customer.


The guarantee is 1 year, starting from date of invoice. This guarantee is invalid when there is clear evidence of misuse or non-compliance with the regulations of the manufacturer. In this case the repair and transport expenses will be charged to the customer.