Animated Animal Toys in Wood


Auteur: David Wakefield

ISBN: 978-1-56523-844-2

Langue: Anglais

Pages: 192

Soft Cover

All children love animals, and all children love toys. Build plenty of good old-fashioned fun for any child with these clever designs for classic pull and push toys. Inside you'll discover 20 imaginative projects for making wild and wacky wooden animals that come alive with delightful lifelike motion. Create a chomping crocodile, waddling duck, jumping frog, timid turtle, howling wolf, or terrifying T-Rex. Each animated marvel features an ingenious design to make it walk, wiggle, waddle, or whirl. With detailed patterns, concise instructions, and step-by-step color photographs, these charming projects are simple enough for even a beginner to complete in a weekend.

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1565238442 Anitmated Animal Toys in Wood / Wakefield C € 24.35 6% € 25.81 Ajouter au panier.

Great book of Wooden Toys


Auteur: Norm Marshall

ISBN 13: 978-1-56523-431-4

Pages: 212

Soft Cover

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1565234314 Great Book of Wooden Toys / Marshall C € 21.24 6% € 22.51 Ajouter au panier.

Making Heirloom Toys


Auteur: Jim Makowicki

ISBN 13: 978-1-56158-112-2

Pages: 151

Soft Cover

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1561581127 Making Heirloom Toys / Makowicki C € 21.24 6% € 22.51 Ajouter au panier.

Making Toys that Teach


Auteur: Les Neufeld

ISBN 13: 978-1-56158-606-6

Pages: 138

Soft Cover

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1561586064 Making Toys that Teach / Neufeld € 21.20 6% € 22.47 Ajouter au panier.

Marvelous Transforming Toys


Auteur: Jim Makowicki

ISBN 13: 978-1-56158-381-2

Pages: 224

Soft Cover

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1561583812 Marvelous Transforming Toys / Makowicki D € 25.60 6% € 27.14 Ajouter au panier.

Menuiserie, 20 plans de jouets


Auteur: Jean-Pierre Barette

ISBN: 978-2-85101-112-1

Pages: 112

Langue: Français

Hard Cover

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2851011121 Menuiserie: 20 plans de jouets / Barette € 33.02 6% € 35.00 Ajouter au panier.

Natural Wooden Toys


Auteur: Erin Feuchtel-Dearing

ISBN: 978-1-56523-524-3

Pages: 184

Langue: Anglais

Soft Cover

Finding toys that are made from natural products and promote fun and imaginative play can be difficult to find and often carry a hefty price tag. That’s why stay-at-home mom, Erin Freutchel decided to teach herself how to use a scroll saw and begin making safe, colorful, and irresistible imagination-building toys for her children.

Using just a scroll saw, a palm sander, a drill, and with no prior experience, Erin shows through step-by-step instructions, how to make more than 75 charming wooden toy designs with themes like fairytale, farm, and ocean. Also included are instructions on creating natural and non-toxic colorful finishes. Sidebars throughout the book explain how to incorporate open-ended Waldorf-style elements into your child’s play. These captivating wooden toys will encourage a child’s creativity by helping them set a scene with a backdrop, characters, and accessories – the rest is up to them!

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1565238732 Natural Wooden Toys / Freuchtel-Dearing C € 21.20 6% € 22.47 Ajouter au panier.

New Wood Puzzle Designs


Auteur: James W. Folette

ISBN 13: 978-0-941936-57-6

Pages: 96

Soft Cover

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0941936576 New Wood Puzzle Designs / Folette
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€ 23.32 6% € 24.72 Ajouter au panier.

Petits jouets en bois


Auteurs: Colin et Ann Carlson

ISBN 13: 978-2-9515747-2-4

Pages: 44

Soft Cover

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2951574724 Petits jouets en bois / Carlson C € 13.21 6% € 14.00 Ajouter au panier.

Plans de jouets en bois



Auteur: Luc St-Amour

ISBN : 2-85101-088-3

Pages: 196

Hard Cover

Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers


Auteur: Allan J. Boardman

ISBN 13: 978-1-933502-11-3

Pages: 94

Soft Cover


Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers features 14 original wooden puzzle projects designed by acclaimed members of the international puzzle community. The puzzles include two charming animal take-apart puzzles, a unique trick box, a mysterious spinning object, and more.

Each project contains images of finished pieces, line drawings, and wxplicit construction suggestions. Also included are details on how to build and exploit special purpose jigs to improve precision, as well as professional tips for producing high-quality results. The book's strong focus on methods, procedures and techniques will allow the reader to apply the skills he learns to larger projects outside the realm of puzzle making.

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1933502113 Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers / Boardman C € 21.24 6% € 22.51 Ajouter au panier.

Wonders In Wood


Auteur: Edwin Mather Wyatt

ISBN 13: 978-0-941936-40-8

Pages: 76

Soft Cover 

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0941936406 Wonders In Wood / Wyatt C € 9.52 6% € 10.09 Ajouter au panier.